Mufti of Mordovia Died

On November 9th, 30-year-old Mufti of Mordovia, Abdulkarim-khazrat Abdrashitov was killed in a car accident. All Muslims of the republic were shocked by his death. On September 14th, he was elected into the chair of the DMSA of Mordovia and was full of new ideas and energy to work for the good of Muslims of Mordovia. On the day of this tragedy, he performed the midday pray in the mosque of Lyambir, where he had been the imam for 8 years, then he went to Saransk, where he performed a pray in the Central Mosque, and then he went to some region of Mordovia. He was not able to perform his next pray since Allah took him. “We all belong to Allah and we all return to Him” – this phrase is usually said by any Muslim who faces such grief. Anyway, this time it was extremely difficult to say this phrase! Many people could not speak, but only moan and cry. Abdulkarim was loved. He was loved for his calm temper, his modest smile, his strength and patience, and for his sincerity and principles. He was one of a few people who was respected by both young and old Muslims, by both real believers and those who were still far from the religion. Two months ago, when he was elected, everybody was happy and joyful. Everybody was satisfied with the choice, because they understood that Abdulkarim was the best candidate who deserved the post and was able to work properly for the good of all Muslims of the republic. That’s why, it was extremely difficult to hear such horrible news. All the night in his parents’ house in Belozerye there were a lot of people. In the morning, Muslims from all over the republic gathered there. The Assistant Chairman of the Muftis’ Council of Russia, Rashit Khalikov, says: “We’ll remember Abdulkarim as a sample of real service, patience, strength, moral principles and modesty.” Many official people sent their condolences to Muslims of Mordovia.

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