Eid al-Adha in Mordovia

On November 4th, on Eid al-Adha Eve, in the Central Mosque of Saransk there took place a holiday for Muslim children. The organizers of the holiday were Muslim Women’s Union of Mordovia and Islamic Youth Center under the DMSA of Mordovia. The MCs of the holiday were activists of the educational unit “Al-Ansar”. The children performed sketches, recited poems, and took part in different competitions and quizzes. On November 6th in all the mosques of Saransk there took place festive Eid al-Adha prays. Mufti of Mordovia, Abdulkarim-khazrat Abdrashitov says that this year the prays in all the mosques of Saransk began at the same time – 8.30am. “This year the holiday happens to be on a day-off; that’s why everybody can take part in praying. In the mosques there was enough room for all who wanted to some”, said Mufti. In the Central Mosque of Saransk the pray was held by Mufti of Mordovia, Abdulkarim-khazrat Abdrashitov. Before starting the pray he read the congratulating notes of the Chairman of Muftis’ Council of Russia, Mufti Ravil Gainutdin, the Prime-Minister Vladimir Putin and the Head of Mordovia Nikolay Merkushkin.

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