Students With Excellent Grades Got Scholarships

On October 5th in the Central Mosque of Saransk, Mufti of Mordovia Abdulkarim-khazrat Abdrashitov handed several personalized scholarship certificates of the Muftis’ Organization. The awarded people became boys and girls who both finished the second semester of this academic year with only excellent grades and took part in research work and in the social life of the university. During the next semester every month they will get extra 1000 rubles to their regular scholarship. According to the words of one of the awarded students, Damir Yambushev (an undergrad of the Economic Department), victory and awards are always very pleasant: “In summer I try to earn some money, but during a semester I spend all my strength on studying. That’s why I really need this grant.” The grants were provided by some businessmen, sponsors and public figures of the republic. The program of the scholarships given by the Muftis’ Organization has been working for already 5 years. This semester, the certificates were given to the students of the Medical Department, the Economic Department, the Architectural Department and the Biological Department of Mordovia State University, and to the students of the Cooperative Institute.

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