Mufti of Mordovia Died

On November 9th, 30-year-old Mufti of Mordovia, Abdulkarim-khazrat Abdrashitov was killed in a car accident. All Muslims of the republic were shocked by his death. On September 14th, he was elected into the chair of the DMSA of Mordovia and was full of new ideas and energy to work for the good of Muslims of Mordovia. On the day of this tragedy, he performed the midday pray in the mosque of Lyambir, where he had been the imam for 8 years, then he went to Saransk, where he performed a pray in the Central Mosque, and then he went to some region of Mordovia. He was not able to perform his next pray since Allah took him. »

Eid al-Adha in Mordovia

On November 4th, on Eid al-Adha Eve, in the Central Mosque of Saransk there took place a holiday for Muslim children. The organizers of the holiday were Muslim Women’s Union of Mordovia and Islamic Youth Center under the DMSA of Mordovia. The MCs of the holiday were activists of the educational unit “Al-Ansar”. The children performed sketches, recited poems, and took part in different competitions and quizzes. »

Students With Excellent Grades Got Scholarships

On October 5th in the Central Mosque of Saransk, Mufti of Mordovia Abdulkarim-khazrat Abdrashitov handed several personalized scholarship certificates of the Muftis’ Organization. The awarded people became boys and girls who both finished the second semester of this academic year with only excellent grades and took part in research work and in the social life of the university. During the next semester every month they will get extra 1000 rubles to their regular scholarship »

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